Teeth Occlusion

Dental Whitening

 Several types of research have shown that the facial attribute to be noticed first during a person, is his teeth. We sleep in an age where there’s an excellent demand for the body, facial, and dental aesthetics, making the smile a really valuable asset. and therefore the look for tooth whitening treatments is increasing. Therefore, dentistry has been developing and improving techniques for tooth whitening, to supply people with treatments that meet their aesthetic expectations.

Inside the mouth of the phantom, the typodont is inserted with two screws and allows the imitation of movements and inclination so that the scholar is practicing the posture, rotations, and proper handling of the patient.

Thus, there are many variations of models depending on each pathology, procedure for practice, and subject of the dental career.

Traditionally, the best known and most used brands are the models of the Frasaco, Nissin Typodont, and Kavo brands, of great quality but also high price.

At Dentaltix, we have cheaper alternatives that are fully compatible with previous brands and most universities and with replacement teeth according to each typodont, to practice as many times as necessary.

Teeth Occlusion

Type Of Occlusion

They are the foremost used models in any university within the world, they imitate the perfect occlusion of an adult patient in a stable and complete dentition.

The ANA4 model has 28 teeth, while the AG3 model has 32 teeth (the 4 wisdom teeth or the third molars). Another model that facilitates the study of occlusion is the tripod onto con ideal occlusion of Ortho Technology

They are customary in the first career practices for taking alginate impressions, in restoration materials for making cavities and composite fillings until accompanying the student in the last years of his career through more complex procedures such as prostheses and sculptures thanks to his teeth interchangeable with a thin screw on the base.

The Dental Model Of Pediatric Dentistry

Regarding pediatric dentistry, the study of children’s teeth, pathologies, and associated malformations is included.

Thus, models such as Nissin or Tipodonto with mixed dentures are perfect for understanding dental growth and development, present a mixed dentition with 24 teeth divided into 20 primary teeth (milk teeth) and the four permanent molars (16, 26, 36, and 46), the first permanent tooth to come out.

The Dental Model Of Periodontics

The typodont for the periodontal study serves as a demonstration of the different diseases of the gum and periodontium. Designed in imitation of gingivitis and periodontitis pathologies: with recessions, alveolar bone loss, periodontal pockets, and inlaid stones.

Dental Surgery Model

Dental surgery procedures require greater precision and safety for clinical performance, an essential reason that marks the importance of these models in university practices.

The researchers even simulated the “dental” procedure, in which the stone drills were tied to wooden arches. These were moved quickly to open the holes. One of the arches found by the team had not only perforations but also “fillings”. It was a totally precarious and extremely painful way, which was compared to torture by researchers. 

Dental Care Tips

The prostheses help to restore the smile and prevent dental problems but can suffer damage when they are not properly cared for, so it is important to know how to care for the dental implant.

Brush your teeth daily

It is essential to brush your teeth after each meal, for about three minutes, to remove plaque and other food on the inner, outer, and chewing surfaces of the teeth. Try not to wait more than 15 minutes between the end of the meal and brushing

                         Dental Care Tips

Look At Your Teeth And Gums

We must be aware of symptoms such as swelling and bleeding gums. Also, check for holes in your teeth.

Regular Dental Cleaning

There are areas of difficult access in our oral cavity for which daily brushing or flossing is not enough. Tartar builds up in these areas, which can only be removed by professional cleaning. So, let’s avoid further problems.

Take Care Of The Food

Food also has a direct impact on your oral health, so try to maintain healthy habits. In the first 48 hours after the implant placement procedure, the ideal is to consume cold foods with a liquid or pasty texture. 

Tobacco, The Number One Enemy.

Tobacco consumption is closely linked to most diseases of the teeth and gums, increasing the risk of failure in dental implants, as well as oral cancer or loss of teeth.

Avoid Bad Breath

Bad breath is often caused by improper or improper oral hygiene and can affect our social relationships. To avoid it is to be more regular in your oral hygiene, avoid alcohol and tobacco, and drink lots of water.


Smiling regularly has numerous beneficial effects on our health, makes us feel happier, and reduces stress. If you follow all these tips you will have better oral health and an enviable smile.

Use Fluoride And Alcohol-free Mouthwash

To complete the implant hygiene step, you just need to make that mouthwash neat with mouthwash. It is important to use a product with fluoride, to prevent the accumulation of bacteria that cause caries, and without alcohol, so as not to cause dryness of the mucosa and decreased production of saliva.

Brush Your Teeth With Interdental Brush

In addition to the regular toothbrush, to keep your implant very clean, it is also important to use an interdental brush. This care will help to complement the cleaning already done in the previous brushing, removing all the accumulation of dirt that was left in the space between the teeth. With this, we were able to avoid the formation of tartar in the region and keep the implanted smile healthy for longer.

Avoid Hard And Very Crunchy Foods To Avoid Breaking The Implant

Chewing hard and very crunchy foods are risky for everyone who has and does not have a prosthesis. But, if you don’t want to break your tooth and give your dentist more trouble, avoid eating these things. If you feel the urge to eat brown sugar or a jawbreaker, for example, avoid biting. Cut a small piece and use the molar teeth to grind, they are better prepared to withstand this type of friction – but without exaggeration.

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