Dental Care In Young Children

Why Is Tooth Decay Especially Dangerous In Young Children?

The resulting caries disease in small patients is very dangerous, especially for deciduous teeth, which are much less mineralized and therefore not as well cured as permanent teeth. Bringing to a strong development of caries disease of deciduous teeth can quickly lead to their weakening and then to their falling out.

However, this should not be allowed, because the too rapid loss of milk teeth will prevent the maxilla and mandible from developing properly, and thus there will not be enough space in the dental arches for permanent teeth to appear. That is why caring for milk teeth, and if necessary treating them, is so important.

Dental Care In Young Children

How To Treat Bottle Caries?

The treatment process depends on the stage of development of bottle caries. It exposes not only dairy but also solids. Therefore, you should react as soon as possible in the interests of the future appearance of the smile and the child’s comfort.

Fluoridation – the dentist performs the procedure when the initial symptoms of bottle caries (white spots) are visible in a young patient. After checking the condition of the teeth, the dentist puts a suitable preparation for them.

Teeth impregnation – the dentist performs the procedure when dark discoloration is visible on the teeth due to bottle caries. The dentist applies a silver nitrate solution to the teeth. As a result, caries does not develop further, but the dentition has a dark, characteristic shade.

Cavity treatment or extraction – the dentist chooses this mode of treatment when the teeth are heavily damaged by caries and other methods will not bring improvement.

What Is Caries?

Dental cavities are caused by an infectious, infectious disease caused by cariogenic bacteria, mainly Lactobacilli and Streptococcus mutans. These break down the sugars your baby consumes and build upon their teeth as plaque.

What Is The Cause Of Tooth Decay?

The most common cause of tooth decay is improper oral hygiene and genetic predisposition. In newborns and toddlers, it is the result of the night feeding, after which the cleaning of the mouth was abandoned.

In older children, tooth decay usually occurs due to poor eating habits. Drinking sweet drinks and juices, as well as eating foods with high sugar content, such as cookies, crisps, or candies, which are often used by children not to brush their teeth, negatively affects the condition of the teeth.

Caries Treatment

Caries of primary teeth should be treated by a dentist. As milk is much weaker than solid milk, reaction time is important. When you find the first signs of caries, you should visit your dentist immediately, because, within just a few weeks, a small spot may develop into a large carious focus.

Treatment of milk teeth is very important because diseased teeth may break in the gingival area. This way, the gums are full of bacteria and rooted roots. This, in turn, negatively affects the developing new tooth, which grows deformed, with missing enamel or underdeveloped dentin.

When caries affects the contact surfaces on most teeth, it will be necessary to lap, i.e. cover the teeth with a bactericidal preparation.

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