Invisalign vs. Byte: Which Teeth Aligner do I Choose?

Byte Vs. Invisalign

Byte and Invisalign are both quite similar since it has clear braces. Among these two, Byte is comparatively cheaper, and it does not require lengthy processes to go through. Invisalign does not require frequent dentist visits, Byte, on the other hand, is at-home invisible aligners.

Both have advantages and disadvantages and showing a proper comparison between the two will be able to let you choose the right one. Here’s a detailed analysis of Byte vs. Invisalign.


This specific treatment lasts for about six months. Invisalign is a relatively less expensive choice. This is additionally an incredible choice rather than conventional supports. Such a supports has a lot of highlights included alongside an entirely moderate value range.

These supports can likewise be fixed on the teeth over the long haul. More often than not, the treatment of the teeth requires moving their position frequently. Other retainers do require changes, be it major or minor.

Invisalign is similarly moderate, essentially on the grounds that it doesn’t need regular visits to the dental specialist. Such supports will fix the teeth and help in keeping them in the specific situation also.

Albeit the speculation of this Invisalign goes about $2,400, the upside of this technique is with the end goal that this sum need not be paid consistently. In addition, different methods require installments regularly going up to $2,400 for pretty much every meeting.

Concerning Invisalign, it is a one-time investment, frequent consultation is not required as well.

The process of using and its benefits

The treatment for this Invisalign will be consulted with the help of an orthodontist. In order to get Invisalign, the scan of your teeth will be taken as digital impressions. After getting the three-dimensional scan, the dentists will work on the aligner and customize it as required.

The process is almost similar to Byte, but the only difference being the consultation is taken by dentists.

One of the features of Invisalign is that it isn’t quite visible and is used more or less for six months. These can also be removed very easily and avoids any sort of tartar build-up and plaque.

The drawbacks of Invisalign are such that it needs special care while doing the treatment, and it also has to be removed while eating. Maintaining this Invisalign can be a bit difficult, and brushing the teeth often is essential.

Byte Invisible Aligners

This is one of the most convenient treatment, and it does not require any sort of visits to the dentist. The patients will be able to get the kits delivered to their homes. Those kits will have instruction manuals as well. These will make it easier to know how to fix it on the teeth.

This is one of the best aligners that helps in straightening the teeth, and it molds the shape and position in a proper manner.

The process and the benefits

The scanned copy or the impressions needs to be sent to the provided service. After that, the aligners will be customized, and a proper treatment plan will also be given to the patient. Once all those are mailed to your address, you can immediately start using them.

The main advantages and features of using these are that there is no need to visit the dentist or the office at any time. This is also for a period of six months and can be used at any time based on your preference.

The disadvantage of Byte is that there will be no professional consultation with the dentist. Moreover, there may be some sort of pain as the aligners are made to fit as well. No one will take responsibility for the treatment. Since no dentists are consulted to customize the treatment, there will be no guarantee.

Difference between Byte and Invisalign

Both these treatments can take quite a lot of time. However, it can be customized in accordance with your preference. Invisalign treatment can go up to twelve months, whereas Byte can be shortened to four months only.

However, with Byte, the treatment can be shortened by using the methods of vibration and remodeling. This will result in speeding up the bone, and the teeth also move faster in this way. This aligner can be used for about five minutes every day.

The pain signals will be broken with the help of the vibrations and will make it more comfortable. Invisalign will not be able to provide you with such tools.

Invisalign is mainly used for mild treatments and severe as well. Most of the time, dentists advise on using braces first before moving forward with the aligners. Aligners are used when the treatment is almost over. Most of the problems can be fixed with the help of aligners.

Byte, on the other hand, is used only in mild or moderate cases. The entire service or team will customize the treatment and will also inform the patients whether the treatment plan is appropriate for them or not. Getting clear answers is very easy for them.

However, those step-wise processes and intricate analyses of the dental issue, like in the case of Invisalign, won’t be present in Byte.

Straightening the teeth can be a bit costly. However, Byte does provide insurance and is comparatively cheaper than Invisalign. The reason why Invisalign is on the expensive side is that it involves a lot of supervision.

In-person appointments are necessary for Invisalign as well as the dentist’s consultation. Whereas, Byte won’t need much supervision. Although the progress can be checked remotely, it doesn’t cost as much.

The dentists and orthodontists also charge quite a lot for Invisalign as compared to traditional braces. You could save quite some amount by using Byte. However, if you do require professional help and monitoring of the progress from the dentist, going by the latter method would be the ideal option.

Summing Up

Although both the treatments have their own features and drawbacks, what should be considered before choosing any is the cost and the suggestions required. If the problem is a bit too serious, consulting a dentist and using an Invisalign is the best option.

However, a detailed analysis of the treatment and the progression can be checked via Byte as well. Moreover, getting a proper guarantee through Byte will not be an issue either.

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