How To Care For The Dental Implant: 5 Valuable Tips!

The prostheses help to restore the smile and prevent dental problems, but can suffer damage when they are not properly cared for, so it is important to know how to care for the dental implant.

With that in mind, we have listed 5 indispensable dental implant care tips especially for you. Continue reading this post to check it out!

5 care with dental implant

Losing your teeth is something that no one wants, but it is more common than you think. Whether due to genetic problems or accidents, dental implants easily solve the loss and return a healthy smile to patients. 

The treatment involves a minor surgery to place the implants, which will support the dental prosthesis. It is important to respect the healing and integration process of the organism to ensure implant fixation. 

Before, during and after treatment, oral health care is essential. Check out 5 tips to keep dental implants well maintained and a healthy smile:

1. Make good oral hygiene

The formation of plaque works the same way in implants and natural teeth, so good hygiene should be part of your daily habits. 

Care during the postoperative period requires special attention, as the implant region becomes more sensitive. The tip is to choose a very soft brush and gently clean it. 

2. Avoid the cigarette

Cigarettes are a great villain of oral health and can damage the implant, impairing the durability of the material. During the postoperative period, smoking can affect the healing process and tobacco can damage cell functions, in addition to increasing the accumulation of plaque.

3. Follow the dentist’s guidelines

When finishing the dental implant treatment, your dentist will give you all the instructions to take care of your oral health and the prosthesis properly. Especially during recovery, following these guidelines is very important.

4. Take care of the food

Food also has a direct impact on your oral health, so try to maintain healthy habits. In the first 48 hours after the implant placement procedure, the ideal is to consume cold foods with a liquid or pasty texture. 

5. Be sure to go to the dentist

Dental monitoring is essential to check the healing of the implant, but the routine must be maintained even after the end of treatment. The recommendation is to visit the dentist every 6 months to make a general assessment. 

Now that you have checked out incredible tips, just include these dental implant care habits in your routine to have a beautiful and healthy smile!

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